Frisco Tree Fertilization

Arboriculture ServicesArboriculture Services is your trusted partner for licensed tree health care services and a certified Frisco tree fertilization company. There are serious threats facing any North Texas tree, and our team of experts can protect you and your trees from these threats by applying industry-standard best practices in tree care.  Don’t put your trees at risk! 

Hire us to assess your needs and apply our deep understanding of proper tree nutrients in Frisco TX. Understanding Frisco tree nutrients is critical for achieving the most positive outcomes for your trees.  Develop a partnership with our tree fertilization company in Frisco TX and get the best tree care possible.  

Thorough fertilization for your trees and plants

As a tree owner, you may be aware that tree fertilizer in Frisco TX is more than a one-time feeding and that providing tree nutrients in Frisco is crucial for overall tree health and longevity. 

  • Well-nourished trees are stronger and have a greater immunity to pest infestation and the spread of tree killing diseases. 
  • An early spring fertilizer application can help your tree green up more quickly.  This provides a stronger nutrient delivery system through photosynthesis and a more pleasing aesthetic for your property.
  • Summer months bring the need for deep root Frisco tree fertilizer. An additional benefit to this pressurized fertilizer application process is the introduction of oxygen to the root system, as well as the break-up of compacted soil. This will not only improve the oxygen content, it leads to improved environmental conditions around the root zone.
  • Winter fertilization can give your trees a head start for the spring growing season and is a critical feeding time.

Fertilization treatment should be administered using the proper techniques for the best, most long-lasting effects. Our ISA-certified team will identify the nutritional needs of your trees and apply the mixture that is best suited for optimal growth and health.
Arboriculture Services and our Frisco tree fertilization company is dedicated to "going green" for the health of your trees and for their environment. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive tree care services at 214-952-5558.