Tree Trimming

tree trimming plano texasOur goals in tree trimming and tree pruning are to provide a healthy, structurally sound and asthetically pleasing trees.  Trees must be representative of its species and should be cared for as the individule species dictates.

While adhearing to the industry endorsed and accepted standards for tree care and safety, we want you to understand and appreciate the process, so your trees will be at their best.

Typical Visit Includes:

  • Removal of dead-wood, suckers/shoots, diesaesed wood and mistletoe
  • Re-cutting of broken or stubbed limbs
  • Correct conflicting or crossing limbs not to impact structure of tree
  • Weight reduction of limbs ends (not "topping") to minimize chances of breakage
  • Light filtration to provide sufficient light to plantings below canopy
  • Air filtration through the canopy to reduce breakage due to wind resistance
  • Removal of all debris and general clean-up of serviced areas