Frisco Tree Insect Control

Arboriculture ServicesAt Arboriculture Services, our highly trained and skilled Frisco tree insect control arborists can identify the insects or pests that afflict your trees and develop a comprehensive plan to address them. We are a Frisco tree pest control service staffed by arborists and experienced tree care specialists.
The team that provides our Frisco tree pest control service will examine your trees carefully before they recommend treatments for insects or diseases. We are well aware of the most common pests in the Frisco area and the most effective Frisco tree insect killer for them.

How we approach tree insect control in Frisco TX
Many clients use our tree pest control service in Frisco TX when insects attack their trees and threaten their health. Our certified Frisco tree insect control specialists will assess the situation and offer solutions depending on the specific insect issue your trees face. They include:

  • Tree spraying: Our licensed pesticide applicators will use products that can address the insect problem affecting your trees. We spray your trees at the right time based on temperature and weather conditions.
  • Green tree sprays: Natural horticulture oils are a less toxic alternative to tree insect killer in Frisco TX. However, they have to be applied regularly and are only effective when the insects are present.  Ask one of our tree care experts for details.
  • Mechanical control: This involves pruning or handpicking limbs to prevent widespread tree invasion. This method also includes trunk banding and trapping to restrict the movement of insects or pests to other parts of your tree.

Our tree experts care about the health of your trees and will work to ensure that your trees are free from harmful pests. Our Frisco tree insect control services are customized to meet the needs of your specific property. Contact us today at 214-952-5558 for a free estimate or to schedule a diagnosis or consultation.