McKinney Tree Insect Control

Arboriculture ServicesAre you looking for highly trained and professional McKinney tree insect control experts? Look no further than Arboriculture Services, one of the leading providers of McKinney tree pest control service.
If you have witnessed insects destroying your tress, it is critical that you contact a certified arborist to examine your tree and recommend the best tree insect Killer in McKinney TX.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Types of insects that you can remedy with our McKinney tree pest control service
There are thousands of insects that live on, in, and all over your trees, but most of them are harmless to your trees. The types of insects that can damage your trees include:

  • Defoliating insects: These are often found on tree foliage, feeding on your leaves and fruits. If these infest your tree and an effective McKinney tree insect killer is not utilized, they could weaken your tree and it could die because of loss of life-giving photosynthesis. Sprays are often used for tree insect control in McKinney TX if the insect infestation involves chewing insects. There are other non-toxic solutions that you can also opt for.
  • Boring insects: These insects tunnel through a tree’s stem, roots or twigs to lay eggs or to feed on vascular tissues of the trees. Beetles are some of the most harmful types of insects in the world of arboriculture. In addition to pest control, proper pruning, mulching, watering and fertilization can be done to prevent infestation of your trees.
  • Sucking insects: These insects suck out the juices from leaves and twigs and leave scaly formations on branches. They include the likes of spider mites, aphids, leaf hoppers and more.

Contact a qualified McKinney tree insect control arborist/tree surgeon to inspect your trees and develop the best plan for their long-term health. Contact us for a free quote today at 214-952-5558.