Plano Tree Insect Control

Arboriculture ServicesArboriculture Services provides certified Plano tree insect control specialists to protect your trees and shrubs from deadly insect infestations.

We know pest control can be confusing – don’t try to figure it out by yourself and potentially hurt your trees, surrounding landscape, pets or family.  Let us solve this problem for you safely and effectively!  Trust our tree pest control experts in Plano to rid your trees of this dangerous nuisance.

Our tree care experts have years of experience and knowledge of the life and health of Texas trees and shrubs. Arboriculture Services, and our Plano tree pest control service, is staffed by professionals who will bring their knowledge and experience to bear to promote the health and welfare of your trees.

Fend off pests and protect your trees
One of the things that make Texas such an attractive place is the long, warm months and short winter season. In this environment, healthy trees provide much needed shade to add comfort and cut down on energy costs and consumption. 
Adding greenery is an excellent way to improve your outdoor spaces.  Arboriculture Services will help you protect your tree investments with the best Plano tree insect killer available.  

  • Applications of tree insect killer in Plano TX are necessary to protect the health of your trees. While it is important to remember that not all insects damage or kill trees, the Texas Department of Agriculture identifies new tree threats on a regular basis.  We can help you avoid these emerging threats with our regular tree care services.
  • Tree insect control in Plano TX requires monitoring and identification of common pests.  This information will aid our professionals in developing the best course of action for your Plano tree insect control. 
  • One key part of our on-going training and education is to keep abreast of new infestation threats and respond with the appropriate Plano tree pest control service treatments.  Let us perform this important service for you.

Insect threats to our trees include boring beetles, weevils, ants and other bugs. Some insects defoliate trees, starving them of nutrition, while some carry a disease or fungus from tree to tree. 

Our tree pest control service in Plano TX is happy to consult with you and provide a free pest control estimate.  We can discuss your options, provide insights on the health of your trees and identify the best methods available for your Plano tree insect control treatments.  Call us today.