Prosper Residential Tree Removal

Arboriculture ServicesAt Arboriculture Services, our expertly trained, ISA-certified arborists and licensed plant health specialists are highly regarded in the Prosper residential tree service industry.  We provide quality residential tree removal in Prosper TX — and other vital services — throughout the North Texas area.
We believe that our Prosper residential tree removal and tree trimming services are the best in the business.  In addition to providing great service, we always adhere to the industry standards and best practices for tree care and safety.  Hire us to preserve the beautiful aesthetic of the trees on your property.

What our tree trimming and residential tree removal in Prosper TX Involves
When you contact us, we will provide a free, no-obligation quote for our Prosper residential tree service. Our arborists will offer you honest advice on what kind of service your trees require. Generally, our residential tree trimming in Prosper TX involves:

  • Removal of dead wood, suckers/shoots, diseased wood and mistletoe
  • Correct crossing limbs that may impact the structure of the tree
  • Re-cutting of stubbed or broken limbs
  • Weight reduction of limbs to minimize chances of breakage
  • Light filtration so that plantings below the tree canopy can receive sufficient light
  • Removal of all debris and complete cleanup of serviced areas

As part of our Prosper residential tree trimming service, we often won’t suggest tree removal to a client unless it’s necessary. Trees play a very important role on your property, and we understand why you may not want a tree removed. The staff of our residential tree service in Prosper TX will only suggest tree removal if:

  • The tree is diseased or old
  • The tree is too large for its location
  • The tree’s roots are causing foundation problems
  • The tree is interfering with utility lines
  • Trees are overcrowding each other
  • Trees interfere with a construction project

We will provide you with a free estimate for our Prosper residential tree service. Call us today at 214-952-5558 to schedule a diagnosis or consultation.